Where should pre-retirees thinking ahead to their golden years consider moving? It is not Arizona or Florida, according to LPL Financial.

Instead, pre-retirees may be surprised to learn that their best living situations probably include the Midwest and in some very snowy areas of the country, according to LPL Financial’s Retirement Environment Index. The study was geared for people ages 45 to 64 who want to maximize their income while thinking of retirement.

LPL gave the heaviest weight to states' financial situations and second most to health care availability and the quality of health care, says Matthew Peterson, chief wealth strategist at LPL Financial.

“We did not consider the weather. We wanted to expand people’s horizons beyond Florida and Arizona. A state that has a poor financial situation may raise taxes or cut benefits. The resources in a state with a lot of retirees may be overwhelmed,” Peterson says.

Full employment before retirement can mean a bigger nest egg, and the availability of affordable housing and assisted-living facilities are crucial to older Americans, says LPL. The states also were judged on the availability of employment and education and the overall wellness of residents.

LPL ranked the 50 states and the District of Columbia. Following are the top 10 places for pre-retirees in ascending order and a few of the reasons each stands out. 

10. Iowa

Situated in the center of Midwestern farm country, Iowa has managed to build stable state financing and its residents have a good quality of life.