CentSai, a New York-based consumer financial wellness platform, will now offer white-label content for financial advisors.

According to a Tuesday announcement from CentSai, the new CentSai One offering is a software-as-a-service platform that will allow advisors to offer stories, quizzes and videos to educate clients and prospects on financial services “in a way that is less intimidating and also fun.”

CentSai One users can tailor CentSai’s library of content to their audience and brand it as their own. Advisors will be able to search, filter and sort relevant material, and add in a custom call-to-action. The content can be shared across all of a business’s social media.

Advisors can track their content’s effectiveness within the CentSai One platform.

"Marketing as a single person or small business can be time-consuming and expensive for financial professionals," said Arindam Nag, co-founder and CEO of CentSai, in comments released on Tuesday. "CentSai One enables businesses to build their own targeted content marketing program with a few clicks.”