Workers will be able to download data from their Social Security statements to assist them in financial and retirement planning starting in August.

To take advantage of this, they will need to set up a mySocialSecurity account at

Statements will include the person’s earnings record history, estimated benefit amount and estimated Social Security and Medicare taxes paid.

Social Security Administration Acting Commissioner Carolyn Colvin announced the new service at a Congressional hearing Thursday.

Colvin also revealed the agency is soon testing medical and vocational aids to help mentally impaired workers between 18 and 50 avoid or delay collecting disability insurance.

The programs will include workplace accommodations and financial incentives for employers, she said.

Social Security is working with the Department of Health and Human Services to identify candidates for the program who have had disability insurance claims denied.

Colvin said there would be significant lengthening of the current 15-month wait time for the approval and disapproval of disability claims without additional money from Congress for the coming fiscal year.

Colvin called the current funding for disability claim judges “catastrophic.”