You might find value in coming up with your own “three words” for the year.

Crossing The Chasm

I’ve just shared a couple ideas with you (get clients to feel more, and up your game) that when incorporated into your life, will put you on a path to lifelong prosperity. I’m not just blowing smoke here.

I view the current state of the financial advice business as a wide chasm. On one side are advisors who are content to do what they’ve always done, make marginal gains, and hope they can hang out until retirement with their wealth mostly intact. On the other side are advisors who view the business (and their life) through a growth lens. These advisors believe the juice in life comes from trying to be a little better today than they were yesterday, from enjoying the journey toward a destination even if they never reach the destination. 

Which advisor are you? It’s never too late to cross the chasm.

Steve Sanduski, CFP, is the founder of Belay Advisor, the CEO of ROL Advisor, a discovery process technology system, a New York Times bestselling author, host of the Between Now and Success podcast, and a financial advisor business coach.

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