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Nick Murray

Scripting The Retirement Income Prospecting Conversation Word For Word: 100 Minutes With Nick Murray©

Retirement income planning is a critical need for tens of millions of Americans, and they know it. Still, many advisors have difficulty starting the conversation with prospects, and then keeping the conversation on track to its successful conclusion. Nick’s program contains the most specific and even intense scripting most advisors will ever have heard. Its highlights are (1) a priceless offer which involves no cost, either to the prospect or the advisor, and (2) a ten-minute, yellow-pad analysis which lets the prospect show himself exactly what he will need to do in order to arrive at his accumulation goal. After Nick’s 100 minutes of scripting (plus 20 – 30 minutes of Q&A), you will never again hesitate to offer retirement planning to anyone, because you’ll know precisely what to say – and you’ll feel great about saying it.

Registration $399
Includes admission to the FA Retirement Symposium
Limited to 100 attendees