Basic Truths for Financial Life Planners


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Russ Alan Prince

Roy Diliberto, CFP®
RTD Financial Advisors, Inc.



Based on his book that Nick Murray describes as “the one genuine ‘book of the year’ for advisors,” Roy Diliberto will walk you through the discovery process he and his partners use to help clients address issues and reconcile conflicts they may have sought to avoid. Using integrity and empathy, this process helps clients make the truly important decisions in their lives. In doing so, it enables advisors to increase client acquisition and retention.


Basic Truths for Financial Life Planners

By Roy T. Diliberto

All too often, people’s lives become servants to their money.  In Basic Truths For Financial Life Planners, Roy Diliberto explains how he and his colleagues have learned to make certain their clients’ life issues trump their money issues.

Beyond gaining an understanding of clients’ life and money histories, Diliberto details the need to discover and gather data that will provide insights into their core values. What is really important to them? Their family? Their philanthropic efforts?

From here, the book explores ways advisors can help clients reconcile conflicts, a process of interior discovery, they may have sought to avoid. By providing examples of how his firm has helped clients through this process, Diliberto provides a roadmap from discovery to ongoing service and even meeting notes, that financial planners can use to help their  clients make the truly important decisions in their lives. The practical tools provided in this book will surely improve client acquisition and retention.

“ The spine of this book, and the keys which unlock this practicable utopia, are two simple ideas: integrity and empathy. Reasoned always from these core values, the principles and practices in Basic Truths begin lining up more or less effortlessly. — Nick Murray

“ Roy has a way with stories and analogies that all financial planners can learn from because they provide us with brilliant tools for communicating with clients. Appreciate his generosity in sharing RTD’s processes and materials because they are gifts. It was my privilege to be a part of RTD and its evolution. I can personally attest to the authenticity of Roy’s stories, of his passion for our profession and his complete commitment to making a difference in people’s lives, not just in their money.” — Elizabeth Jetton, Past President of the Financial Planning Association and co-founder of Directions for Women


“ Basic Truths for Financial Life Planners offers a practical “how to” guide to incorporating the personal with the technical, complete with client stories and specific guidance on client service, client issues, follow up to meetings, office management and compensation structures. From start to finish, it gives you, today, a chance to incorporate a lot of what I believe will become best practices in the profession ten or 15 years in the future.” —Bob Veres, Editor, “Inside Information”