Axel Merk

ECB & Fed: Worlds Apart

A different approach to central banking between the U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) and the European Central Bank (ECB) proves remarkable.

Monetary Cliff?

The fate of the U.S. dollar is at stake as the presidential election approaches...

Beyond The Fiscal Cliff:The Dollar At Risk?

  Obama or Romney Administration? The risk to the U.S. dollar is examined under either administration.

Fight the Inflation Boogeyman

What's an investor to do to inflation-proof their portfolio?   

Bernanke Put: Beware of Easy Money

Investors may want to consider adding a mix of currencies to their existing portfolios.

Fed To Debase Dollar?

What lies ahead for investors? Axel Merk shares his analysis on what makes the FOMC tick in order for investors to position themselves.