Profitable Brilliance How Professionals Become Thought Leaders and Thought Leaders Become Wealthy


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Webinar Presentation July 15, 2014 2:00 – 3:30 p.m. ET

Directed by Russ Alan Prince and Bruce H. Rogers

Registration fee: $49.99


Russ Alan Prince President - Prince & Associates, Inc. Editor-At-Large – Private Wealth magazine

Bruce H. Rogers
Chief Insights Officer
at Forbes


Competition for high-quality clients is as intense as it has ever been. Increasingly, professionals are working in a winner-take-most environment. While many professionals can make a living, relatively few of them will do very well. The professionals who are most likely to really excel are the ones recognized for their expertise and capabilities – the thought leaders.


Being a thought leader can exponentially enhance your business development efforts.

While many people talk about being thought leaders, few professionals have effectively positioned themselves as thought leaders.


This webinar will detail the empirically validated and time-tested process and strategies you can use to raise your profile and leverage your enhanced stature to bring in significantly more business. You will learn how to capitalize on your knowledge and abilities by becoming a though leader.


Cost: $49.99


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Profitable Brilliance: How Professional Services Firms Become Though Leaders

This webinar, conducted by Russ Alan Prince, the leading authority in the private wealth industry, will provide you with a systematic and powerful methodology for effectively cultivating centers of influence. The framework is based on the highly effective wealth- creating networking strategies of self-made millionaires. You’ll gain a broad and expansive understanding of how to effectively map the business models and key issues of centers of influence, which will enable you to create an economic bond resulting in new affluent clients for your practice.

Russ Alan Prince is one of the leading authorities within the private wealth industry. He regularly consults to the rich and super-rich concerning the mindset and behaviors that translate into extreme personal wealth creation.

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