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April 2016  
Break Down The Barriers of Diversification: Risk vs. Rewards Ignite Funding
Deciding where to invest a clients' money is never an easy task. The biggest question being, where are they going to get the most return on their investments? With the stock market being so erratic and unpredictable, people are looking now, more than ever for other ways to intelligently invest their money and diversify their investment portfolio. During uncertain times, investors seek out strategies and advisement to provide them long-term plans providing less volatility and risk of loss. This is usually done through added diversification into new markets, asset classes and investment types. For a financial portfolio exclusively in traditional markets any integration of an alternative class breaks down barriers. However, until real assets are integrated the barriers will never be truly gone and "real" diversification will not be achieved. Real estate backed by collateral provides integration of secondary markets not correlated with bear or bull market movements.

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