Due-Diligence All-Star Team



Nominate your favorite gatekeeper beginning
June 1st for the 3rd Annual Financial Advisor/Private Wealth Due Diligence/Research Manager All-Star Team.

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For more information on the Fiduciary Gatekeeper Summit or the Due-Diligence/Research Manager All-Star Team please contact David Smith at [email protected].

2012 All-Star Team
The All-Star Game
Being part of a fund research team in a way is a little bit like being part of a cult. Every firm has its own world view. Its own culture. Its own vernacular. Its own anthropology.

2011 All-Star Team
Making The Cut

Research managers, charged with deciding which investments look attractive, which ones are overvalued and what mix of assets have the best chance of keeping clients on the right track, play pivotal roles in the investment advisory business.