Social Security: A Building Block For A Better Retirement



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Complimentary Webcast


May 21

2:00-3:00 pm ET



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Wade Pfau, Ph.D.
Professor of Retirement Income,

The American College


Troy Simmons

Vice President, Nationwide

Financial Retirement Institute


How and when your clients file for Social Security can result in thousands gained or lost over their lifetimes. Join us for a webcast, "Social Security: A Building Block For A Better Retirement," that explores:


  • The claiming options for individual clients that can mean more in retirement income for them, and
  • Big-picture solutions to the impending U.S. social security shortfall that may affect what your clients can expect in social security payments in the future.


Advisors have much to consider when helping clients plan on retirement. For many retirees this will be their only source of income, so it’s crucial for advisors to pinpoint the best time, and highest pay out that makes sense for each client.



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