Prince Flynn
Russ Alan Prince Rick Flynn

Building a Highly Profitable Practice with
an Underserved Super-Rich Clientele

Demographic shifts are creating a greater number of ultra-wealthy inheritors (net worth = $100 million or more). Furthermore, the monies they control are multiplying. These individuals represent an exceptionally profitable yet severely underserved segment of the financial elite.

Very importantly, whether they’re involved in their family’s businesses and family office, or acting independently, these ultra-wealthy inheritors are taking the reins. In other words, they are or are becoming the key decision-makers when it comes to diverse aspects of their lives, including their use of financial and legal professionals.

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Handout Materials:
• Taking the Reins: Insights Into the World of Ultra-Wealthy Inheritors (2014) (price: $99).
• Street-Smart Networking: How Financial and Legal Professionals Can Cultivate Centers of Influence for A Flood of New Affluent Clients (2014) (price: $99.99).

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