Colleen Bell
First Vice President, Fiduciary Services
Member, Senior Council
Cambridge Investment Research, Inc.





The Momentum Of Fee-Based Accounts In A Changing Advice Industry


At Cambridge, we believe in the continued momentum behind fee-based accounts and the fees model, especially when considered with the changing regulatory climate and demands for investing clients. Fees has long been an area of distinct specialization for Cambridge. We remain committed to supporting the success of independent advisors and their investing clients, and are focused on leveraging technology advancement and product evolution to embrace change and identify opportunities merging in the marketplace.


Many Factors Contribute To The Momentum Behind Fee-Based Accounts, Including:

• Can be mutually beneficial to both advisors and their clients

• Creates trust and nurtures deep and lasting relationships

• Enables the possibility for more dynamic client portfolios

• Increases business viability and value for continuity and succession planning


Interested In Building Fee-Based Accounts? Consider Taking These Steps:

1. Be informed and educated on the new definition of fiduciary duty

2. Choose whether to be a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) or use a corporate RIA

3. Choose whether to be a money manager or utilize a third party expert

4. Determine a fee schedule

5. Create a business plan for fee-based services

6. Establish a client communication process

7. Expand fee-based client services

8. Choose the right partner

Regardless of where regulation and regulatory scrutiny goes, at Cambridge we believe in the continued momentum behind the fee model.

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