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FinTech & The Evolution Of Managed Accounts


Technology has revolutionized the financial industry, from Wall Street to Main Street, and wealth management is no different. Robo-advisors threatened wealth managers with scalability and ease of use, while unifi ed managed accounts (“UMA”) platforms provided tools to access every investment manager under the sun. However, neither solution is truly complete. Robo-advisors are rigid and lack the depth to handle complex fi nancial situations. UMA solutions are cumbersome, often forcing advisors and their clients to perform tedious tasks. Advisors needed a better solution, one that combines the accessibility of a robo-advisor with the fl exibility of a UMA platform. Advisors needed tools to scale their assets under management while reducing costs and streamlining operations to provide meaningful impact to their bottom lines. Most importantly, advisors needed to spend their time where they can be most productive, with their clients.


At HedgeCoVest, we have taken a new look at the UMA industry. Originally developed by and for the hedge fund industry, our solution was designed to facilitate the quick trading industry with a modern approach to infrastructure. Using our proprietary systems, we created a turnkey UMA platform focused on real-time trading and real-time reporting. With a click of the button, advisors can implement a portfolio that combines traditional and alternative investment strategies, ETFs, mutual funds, and stocks in one account. Our built-in rebalancer monitors for portfolio drift and allows advisors to open and close positions across client accounts seamlessly. Intra-day trading and real-time portfolio reporting ensure comprehensive information fl ow, and our trading functionality removes the burdens associated with managing multiple client portfolios. Our platform, coupled with our alliance partnership with SS&C Advent, applies cutting edge fi nancial technology to comprehensively address an advisor’s investment needs.
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HEDGECOVEST, and the SS&C Advent version SMArtX (, are the next evolution in managed account technology. Leveraging our award-winning technology solution, HedgeCoVest was the first UMA platform to offer hedge fund strategies in a real-time UMA format and open hedged strategies to investors of all sizes and types. HedgeCoVest has expanded the technology into a complete end-to-end wealth managementsolution and now offers investors the ability to combine traditional and alternative strategies in a single account. Add our built-in account rebalancing, streamlined account opening, and customized branded portals to the mix, and you have a complete digital wealth solution.