College Planning/529 Plans

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X Marks The Spot


Generation X is ready for financial advice, but are advisors ready for Gen X?

It's How You Arrive

by Tracey Longo

That's exactly how Sacramento, Calif.-based Hanson McClain built a firm With $1.2 billion in assets.

Great Expectations

by Kurt J. Rossi

Thoughts on managing clients' outlooks during bear markets.

Risky Business

by Mitch Anthony

Risk tolerance tools do a poor job of predicting how clients will react when faced with a crisis.

Clinging To Intimate Relationships

by Mary Rowland

It's questionable when planners say consolidation is the only solution to shrinking profit margins.

Serving The Underserved


First Genesis has carved out a niche and become one of the largest firms in the country serving African-Americans.

Helping Clients Grow 529 Plans Faster

by Tracey Longo

More advisors' clients are maxing out on 529 plans, driving first-year contributions into the six-figure range.

A Full-Fledged Specialty

by Raymond Fazzi

Education planning emerges as a new niche as more clients need help with complex issues

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