Russ Alan Prince

The most pervasive way to create personal wealth is by owning equity in a successful company. Significant wealth created as the business succeeds or when it's sold is the primary driver of individual fortunes. The needs of the business owners as well as the needs of the business make them exceptionally good clients for a diverse group of professionals from financial advisors to accountants and from attorneys to life insurance producers.

This workshop will:

• Provide research-derived insights into the world of successful business owners.

• Provide perspectives and strategies for delivering high-quality financial services to business owners.

• Provide an understanding of the tremendous opportunities financial advisors have working with successful business owners.

• Identify the most effective process of sourcing new business owners.

Who should attend:

• Financial advisors focusing on the business owner market.

• Executives at financial institutions interested in the business owners.

• Other professionals working with successful business owners.

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