Benefits And Risks Of ETFs And Why We Use ETFs For Family Trust Investment Approach





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October 22


2:00-3:00 pm ET


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Jonathan Coleman
Anne Kvanbeck

Elisabeth Kashner

Head of ETF Research,



Rolf Agather
   Head of Research, FTSE/Russell


Kevin O'Leary

Chairman, O'Shares Investments and ABC "Shark Tank" Investor



Please join us on October 22nd, as we discuss the attributes of ETFs and why they are being used in a family trust investment approach.


Elisabeth Kashner head of ETF research at Factset will lead an overview and discussion on the use of ETFs and how advisors should evaluate and perform due diligence on the products.


Rolf Agather, head of research at FTSE/Russell, will lead an overview and introduction on smart beta ETFs. Rolf just completed a survey on how much financial advisors know about the next generation of indexes and ETFs using a smart beta approach. He will also provide a copy of his research and survey to all registrants.


Kevin O’Leary will discuss how he is using ETFs for his family trust investing needs and particularly how smart beta has helped provide an investing solution.


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