What You Don’t Know About Medicare That Could Wreck Your Clients' Retirement





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November 20th

2:00-3:00 pm EST
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Dr.Katy Votava
Dr. Katy Votava
President and Founder


With cutbacks in Medicare and private health insurance and as the cost of medical care grows, more people are worried about how they can retire and afford health care. Dr. Katy Votava, a Medicare expert, will discuss these challenges and provide examples of how you can help clients plan for these costs. These critical features have a significant impact on retirement planning and the cost of Medicare in retirement:

  • Impact of Medicare on retirement planning
  • Effects of higher income on Medicare premiums
  • Strategies to avoid lifelong Medicare penalties
  • How to minimize the cost of Medicare
  • How to maximize Medicare coverage
  • How to integrate these strategies into your retirement planning.


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