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March 2017  

The Business Call is Back:
The Complete Guide To Capturing & Converting Phone Leads

Ruby Receptionist
With all the ways we have to communicate today, it may surprise you to learn the phone is still the preferred method for customers to interact with businesses.
In fact, companies big and small are seeing an explosion of inbound calls. Why? One big reason is click-to-call, the ability to dial a business directly from a mobile search. Click-to-call is booming, and its popularity isn’t expected to fade any time soon: a predicted 162 billion calls will be made to business from smartphones in 2019.
This ebook is designed to help you capitalize on the inbound call renaissance and turn your phone into a productive marketing channel. After reading, you'll be ready to:
  • Take advantage of click-to-call technology on your website and Google listing
  • Address the needs of mobile callers
  • Review and improve your caller’s journey
  • Build trust and WOW callers through customer experience best practices

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Ruby Receptionist