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June 2016  

Choosing between ETFs and mutual funds:
Strategy, then structure

Mutual funds and ETFs are increasingly popular investment vehicles. They share a lot of similarities; both are pooled vehicles that provide exposure to various markets, diversification, and generally reasonable investment costs. So how do you decide which best supports your client's investment strategy?
In this research paper, Vanguard experts Joel Dickson, David Kwon, and Jim Rowley delve into how to choose between mutual funds and ETFs. They examine similarities and differences, both perceived and actual, between the two vehicles and the four key factors to consider when deciding between them.
Use this paper to:
  • Discover why investment strategy, trading flexibility, accessibility, and costs are the four key factors to consider when deciding between mutual funds and ETFs.
  • See which investment strategies feature mutual funds more often and which favor ETFs.
  • Examine the similarities and differences between ETFs and mutual funds.

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