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Webcast Presentation
December 2nd
2 p.m. EST

Sponsored by

Wells Fargo



Meg Bavaro

Meg Bavaro, CIMA®
Sales Manager for
Wells Fargo Funds Distributor, LLC.

Women are a powerful financial force: They control more than half of the personal wealth in the U.S. They also have unique expectations of financial advisors and distinct communication preferences.
Is your client satisfaction as high for women as it is for men? Do you know which communication strategies can keep women in your practice and how to attract new female clients?
Attend this live webinar to learn:


  • Why it matters—the size of this market and when women fire advisors

  • What women need—common investment challenges

  • What women want—expectations for their advisors

  • How you can improve—tactics to attract and retain female clients

The interactive event is presented by Meg Bavaro, CIMA®, sales manager for Wells Fargo Advantage Funds®.


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