Women & Planning

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Nearly Half Of Boomer Women Haven’t Calculated Retirement Needs


The Insured Retirement Institute says almost half of boomer women and one in seven Gen X females haven't calculated the amount of money they'll need in retirement.

Critical Care

by Eric Rasmussen

A former ICU nurse and stay-at-home mom, Susan Kaplan is now one of the country’s top advisors.

Increased Financial Education In Workplaces Raising Worry, Urgency


Increased financial education in the workplace is heightening money worries, contends the sponsor of a new study.

CFP Board Calls For More Effort To Recruit, Retain Women Planners


A CFP Board study finds that women are underrepresented in the industry because firms are not committed to women at the highest levels, there aren't enough women role models and women don't advocate...

First Allied Expands Mentoring Program


First Allied is expanding its mentoring program to help new women advisors enter the field.

Demand For Female Financial Leaders Largely Ignored


There's still a lack of female executives, even though employees desire a more collaborative and creative style of management women often offer.

Raymond James Launches Advisor Development Program For Women

by FA Staff

The pilot program aims to help address two industry issues: attracting more women into the profession and providing potential successors for retiring advisors.

Krawcheck Says Women On Wall Street Have 'Gone Backwards'


Former bank executive Sallie Krawcheck said women haven’t climbed Wall Street’s corporate ranks after the 2008 credit crunch because men tend to hire people like themselves when facing a crisis.

Survey Finds Retirement-Age Women Most Loyal To Advisors

by FA Staff

Ninety-three percent of women 67 to 80 years old said they would stay with their financial advisor if they became widowed, compared with 78 percent of Gen X women, a Russell Investments study found.

Two Firms Join CFP Board In Research On Female Advisors

by FA Staff

Research will support efforts to draw more women into the financial planning field.

Wirehouses, Women And Millennials Are Misinterpreted, Krawcheck Says


A lot of conventional wisdom about wirehouse advisors, female clients and millennials is wrong and misguides the financial advice industry, Sallie Krawcheck told attendees at the Inside ETFs...

Financial Advisors Changing Approaches For Women


Financial advisors are offering more comprehensive services to cater to the distinct needs of women, among the fast-growing groups of investors.

More Minority Advisors Needed, Survey Says

by FA Staff

Having more minority financial advisors would benefit both the financial services firms and the clients, says an Edward Jones survey.

A Partner In Success

by Deena Katz

A good partnership with a mentor is reciprocal, collaborative and comfortable.

A New AGEnda

by Mitch Anthony

No organization should be able to require people to retire.

Gender Noise

by Cathy Seeber

Differences in how men and women communicate are overrated. Here’s a better way to talk with all your clients.

Financial Advisor Gives Clients $100 Each To Perform Random Acts Of Kindness


Advisor Theresa Hannon sent letters with $100 bills tucked inside to 90 clients.

Advisor Seeks To Empower Women

by Karen DeMasters

Melody Juge is going national with plans to help women take greater control of their money.

Raymond James Honors 'Woman Of Distinction'

by FA Staff

Thirteen advisors have been recognized for their community involvement and their support, mentoring and coaching of other professionals within the firm.

Millennial Women Are Most Interested In Personal Financial Planning

by FA Staff

The youngest women who participated in a recent survey had the highest interest in learning about personal finance topics.

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