Women & Planning

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Launching Pad

by Mary Rowland

In a house in Rhinebeck, N.Y., Jeffrey Scales is giving young planners a place to learn the ropes.

Outside The Box

by Joni Youngwirth

The pros and cons of choosing an external successor.

Stern Brothers & Co. Expands Chicago Office


Stern Brothers & Co. appoints Wayne Pierce and Susan Homeier managing directors.

Women And Men Differ When It Comes To Investment Strategy, Study Says


It's definitely a case of "Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus" when it comes to how the two genders think about an investment strategy, according to a new study of wealthy women...

Women's Financial Habits Deeply Changed By Downturn


A new survey indicates the economic downturn has had a profound affect on the financial habits of women, with more than 50% stating that their spending and savings habits have changed forever.

Raymond James Launches Women Speakers Network


Raymond James is launching a speakers network at the beginning of the year with the first group to be made up of all women.

Women Face Extra Retirement Challenges, Study Says


Women who take charge, do the math, plan for contingencies and work with their partners and/or financial advisors have a better chance of securing their finances in retirement than those who...

American College Names Director For Philanthropy Program

Heather Gee is to have a leading role in the American College's Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy program.


by Maureen Nevin Duffy

Increasingly, women are the ones paying alimony after couples call it quits.

Raymond James Names EVP Of Technology And Operations


Raymond James names Bella Loykhter Allaire as the firm's executive vice president of technology and operations.

Some Boomers May Choose Door No. 3


Instead of working longer or retiring on time with less money, a third alternative may give some clients the best of both worlds.

Napfa Elects Three National Board Members


Napfa has elected three new members to its National Board to help guide the organization over the next year and beyond.

Women More Likely To Consult A Professional Advisor


Women investors are more likely to consult a professional financial advisor than men, according to a new study.

Homing In On Families


Kathy Lintz and her firm Financial Management Partners stress education in their work with multigenerational family wealth management.

Gender Of Advisor Clients Does Matter, Survey Says

Gender differences play a key role in how financial advisors should approach their clients, says a new survey that concludes there may be more differences between men and women's attitudes...

Women And Men: How Different Are We Really?


In early May, I had the opportunity to attend an intriguing session at a conference that dealt with the subject of money and gender, specifically women...

Players Strikes May Hurt Wives, Kids The Most

NFL and NBA players are lining up to get child support and alimony payments lowered in case their leagues shut down, according to one attorney.

Citigroup Nixes Ben Stein Speech Over Women Jokes

Citigroup Inc. canceled a planned speech by TV personality Ben Stein after getting a complaint that he told jokes disparaging women earlier this year.

Wall Street Women Of Golden Seeds Help To Cultivate Female CEOs

Sarah Endline asked Golden Seeds, a group of mostly women angel investors, to help contribute $1.5 million to expand her candy company...

Special Consideration

by Jerilyn Klein Bier

Advisors help parents of special needs children tackle unique planning challenges.

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