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Dine Arounds
Please See Each Sponsor To RSVP To Each Dine Around

Monday, March 24

Dinner at 6:45 pm
Le Colonial

20 Cosmo Place

Host: Bill Stanley, President,
Stanley-Laman Group

Stanley Laman

RSVP: Joenuel Ortiz, [email protected]
or 610.993.9100

Directions: 10-minute walk. 1) South on Stockton (138 ft.), 2) right on Pine (.3 miles), 3) left on Taylor (.2 miles). Le Colonial is between Sutter and Post down an alley marked Cosmo Place. The restaurant has a blue neon sign visible from Taylor.

  Dinner at 6:45 pm
Michael Mina

252 California St.
(between Front and Battery)

Hosted by:

Kellner Capital

RSVP: [email protected] or 213.350.0248


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