Private Wealth White Papers



March 2013  
Terror Free Investing: One advisor’s quest to take divestment to the masses
Patriot Fund
Read how Mark Langerman, a Scottsdale based Registered Investment Advisor and the son of a Holocaust survivor, transformed his wealth management practice in 2006 to focus on Terror-Free Investment management.  Learn about the ramifications of US public companies operating in countries like Iran and North Korea and how these actions not only support terrorism but can create global security risk in your clients’ portfolios. Also learn about how other sophisticated investors – including state pension plans and endowments – have chosen to rid their portfolios of these “terror-related” securities.

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November 2012  
Art Storage: More than Just Art Christie's Fine Art Storage Services

The term "art storage" is something of a misnomer as it is not solely focused on the storage of paintings and sculpture. Art storage applies to the safekeeping and preservation of a wide variety of property, everything from prints and jewelry to couture fashion and furniture. This paper details seven crucial characteristics you should seek in an storage provider for valuable property.

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