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  • The Top Of The Art Market Appears To Be Crumbling

    By James Tarmy

    Expectations were low ahead of the bellwether May auctions in New York.

  • Melinda French Gates's $12.5 Billion Creates Path To Unrestricted Giving

    By Anna Edgerton

    Like MacKenzie Scott, Gates now has a fortune to deploy for her own charity work.

  • F1 Mogul's Ex-Wife Builds Family Office To Manage Divorce Riches

    By Ben Stupples

    Slavica Malic received one of the U.K.'s largest divorce settlements in 2009.

  • Leading The Charge Of Philanthropy In Financial Services

    By Russ Alan Prince

    Invest in Others is a nonprofit organization focused on amplifying the philanthropic efforts of financial professionals.

  • Melinda French Gates Exits Foundation With $12.5 Billion

    By Sophie Alexander

    The philanthropist said she will use her billions to back causes related to women and families.

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