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Inflation ‘Bubbling Up,’ But Stays Low In 2021

Jennifer Lee, senior economist at BMO Capital Markets, discusses inflation expectations for the year ahead.

No Matter What The Fed Does, It Can’t Boost Demand: Kroszner

Former Federal Reserve Governor Randall Kroszner discusses challenges for the Fed, inflation expectations and the weakening U.S. dollar.

Monetary Policy No Longer Has Control, BNP Paribas Says

William De Vijlder, chief economist at BNP Paribas, discusses the effectiveness of monetary policy.

Too Early To Discuss Vaccine Privileges, World Medical Association Says

It's too early to discuss granting special rights to people that have been vaccinated against Covid-19, according to Frank Ulrich Montgomery, chairman of the World Medical Association.

British Businesses Seen Facing Raft Of Difficult Changes

The U.K. and European Union may have signed a trade deal, but British businesses still face a raft of difficult changes.

Credit Suisse Still 'Cautiously Risk-On' In Equities

Credit Suisse Global Chief Investment Officer Michael Strobaek discusses the outlook for inflation expectations, bond yields and equities in 2021.

Investing In Healthcare Beyond Covid

Noushin Irani, portfolio manager for Healthcare at DWS, discusses the best investment opportunities in the health-care sector.

Optimistic About Equities, Despite Risks, CCLA’s Bevan Says

James Bevan, chief investment officer at CCLA, discusses market valuations and looking past investment risks.

Stock Picking Will Beat Passive Again In 2021, Strategist Grisanti Says

Christopher Grisanti, chief equity strategist at MAI Capital Management, says "active stock-picking is by far the better choice" for investors as the U.S. economy recovers from the pandemic shock.

No Job, Few Friends Cause Clients Stress In Retirement

Advisors should help clients drill down on the softer issues that can affect retirement happiness much more than the size of an investment portfolio, says advisor Robert Laura.

Watch Out For Adult Children Who Hurt Their Parents’ Retirement

Grown children can drain money from their parents in basically two ways, says financial advisor Dan Moisand.

Biggest Misconceptions People Have About Medicare

It’s not free and it’s not necessarily cheap. Higher-income people will pay more, although advisors may be able to help lessen the bite, says Katy Votava, founder and president of

Inside ETFs 2020 - Brad Ball

Interview with Brad Ball - CEO - Liquid Strategies

Inside ETFs 2020 - Tim Clift

Interview with Tim Clift - Chief Investment Strategist - Envestnet

Inside ETFs 2020 - Simeon Hyman

Interview with Simeon Hyman - Head of Investment Strategy - ProShares Advisors LLC