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• Please contact the Editor-in-Chief, Evan Simonoff, with editorial feedback or questions.

• Please contact Aimee Melli with print advertising questions. Print Advertising Questions.


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• Please contact Ray Fazzi or Evan Simonoff with editorial feedback or questions.

• Please contact Sandra Croce for Online Advertising Questions

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149 Avenue at the Common, Shrewsbury, New Jersey, 07702

Tel 732-450-8866

Fax 732-450-8877


You can always call our main office line - and if you know the extension of the party you want to speak to, key in their 4 digit extension. These are listed below.


Charlie Stroller
Chief Executive Officer
[email protected]


Direct Line - 732-559-4212

Staff Listing 


Evan Simonoff
[email protected] Direct Line - 732-559-4201
Ray Fazzi
Managing Editor
[email protected] Direct Line - 732-559-4202
Eric Rasmussen
Senior Editor
[email protected] Direct Line - 732-559-4203
Christopher Williams
Senior Writer
[email protected] Direct Line - 732-559-4204
Karen DeMasters
Senior Writer
[email protected] Direct Line - 732-559-4227
Jaqueline Sergeant
Senior Writer
[email protected] Direct Line - 732-559-4205
Jennifer Lea Reed
Senior Writer
[email protected] Direct Line - 732-559-4225
Ben Mattlin
Senior Writer
[email protected] Direct Line - 732-559-4220
Ed Hayes
Staff Writer
[email protected] Direct Line - 732-559-4224
Heidi Pope
Editorial Assistant
[email protected] Direct Line - 732-559-4207
Aimee Melli
Production Director/Editor
[email protected] Direct Line - 732-559-4208
Tracey Longo
Washington Editor
[email protected] Direct Line - 732-559-4234
Ron DeLegge
ETF Editor at Large
[email protected] Main Line - 732-450-8866
Melissa Carter
Multimedia Director
[email protected]
Bee McDonald
Creative Director
[email protected] Direct Line - 732-559-4219


Stephanie Perrin
Director of Finance
[email protected] Direct Line - 732-559-4210
Amie Bigelow-Falk
Accounts Receivable
[email protected] Direct Line - 732-559-4216


Natasha Gibson
Digital Marketing Specialist
[email protected] Direct Line - 732-559-4228
Rheagan Jackson
Digital Media Specialist
[email protected] Direct Line - 732-559-4230
Alyssa Davison
Digital Media Specialist
[email protected] Direct Line - 732-559-4215


Sandra Croce
 – Sales Director, North East and Mid Atlantic
[email protected] Direct Line - 732-559-4232
Eric Cott
Publisher  Conferences, Sales Director South East 
[email protected] Direct Line - 732-559-4209
Alex Fazzari
Sales Director, Central
[email protected] Direct Line - 732-559-4213
Victoria Hamilton
Sales Director, West Direct Line - 732-559-4214
Trisha White
Conference Director, CE Center Manager
[email protected] Direct Line - 732-559-4211


Christian Eddleston
Head of Technology
[email protected] Direct Line - 732-559-4221
Paul Borges
IT Director
[email protected] Direct Line - 732-559-4229