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March 2024


Rise Above

Keep your momentum, claim your independence.


The independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) model is about strength, resilience, agility. You control the ways you operate. You have the autonomy to take on the tech, talent and more that you believe in. And you can unlock more economic potential.


As the benefits of independence grow, so does the support. From the moment you decide to become independent, Schwab helps you keep your momentum. The stories and strategies outlined in this paper are the result of our deep experience and can help you better understand how – and when – to make your move.


In “Rise Above,” you'll discover:

• How investment advisors are harnessing the benefits of the model
• Strategies for fulfilling practices built for the future
• The vast ecosystem of support available to you
• Advisor stories (including transitioning during uncertain times)
• Why investment advisors aren't looking back


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Beyond Opaque ESG Metrics

Leveraging physical-asset Climate Metrics for Portfolio Construction and Portfolio Risk.


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The Future of Wealth Management

Unlock key strategies and insights to thrive in theworld of wealth management, empowering you to build lasting client relationships and achieve growth.


The Future of Wealth Management guide covers:


• Valuable insights into addressing the challenges of modern wealth management.

• Expert strategies for harnessing digital transformation to elevate client relationships.

• Actionable recommendations that will empower advisors and firms in this dynamic landscape.


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Marketing Matters: Let’s Make Some Noise

Controlling your story is paramount to shaping your future. Your brand's narrative isn't just a reflection of your business; it's the cornerstone of your success.


This comprehensive guide empowers entrepreneurs and business owners to harness the power of marketing effectively.


What This Guide Covers:
• Establishing clear marketing goals to attract and retain clients.
• Budgeting effectively for marketing initiatives in any financial climate.
• Allocating time and resources to implement a successful marketing plan.
• Leveraging technology and personnel to execute your strategy efficiently.


Take control of your narrative and drive growth. Download the guide now.


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The Impact of Outsourcing: How Advisors are Scaling Up in a Changing Industry

Advisors face many challenges, from regulations to client demands. "The Impact of Outsourcing" guide reveals how advisors can leverage outsourcing to elevate their businesses.


What This Guide Covers:
• Understanding Outsourcing: Learn how advisors delegate investment management to professionals.
• Benefits: Discover how outsourcing boosts assets, valuation, income, and client relationships.
• Enhancing Client Relations: Explore how outsourcing strengthens client retention and acquisition.
• Selecting the Right Provider: Gain insights into choosing the ideal outsourcing ally.


Ready to transform your practice? Download the guide now.


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Staking Your Claim To The High-Net-Worth And Ultra-High-Net-Worth Markets

Ready to stake your claim to the high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth markets? Discover strategies and insights essential for navigating and capitalizing on opportunities presented by these lucrative client segments.


What This Guide Covers:
• Understanding high-net-worth clients: Tailor services to meet their distinct needs and expectations.
• Identifying growth opportunities: Explore trends and drivers shaping these markets for new business prospects.
• Developing a service model: Build strategies to meet complex client needs and establish trust as a key advisor.
• Implementing best practices: Gain practical tips for attracting, serving, and retaining high-net-worth clients for sustainable growth.


Download the guide now to gain valuable insights and strategies for success.


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January 2024


The New Frontier: Why AI-Powered Advisors Win

Explore the future of investment management with cutting-edge AI and Quantum Computing.


Discover how these technologies revolutionize the industry, offering tailored advice, expanding your role as a holistic wealth advisor, and providing essential insights. Dive into ten real-world use cases, navigate evolving regulations, and embrace ethical AI practices.


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December 2023

Seven Strategies for Advancing Your Practice


When it comes to accelerating the growth of your practice, being strategic can make all the difference.


By putting the right strategies in place and getting the support you need to run your business more efficiently, you’ll be better able to spend more time addressing clients’ needs and goals. This whitepaper explains how you can leverage seven key strategies and the robust advisor support our firm offers to enhance the client experience and differentiate your practice.


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Mastering The Moment: Why RIAs Own The Future

While certain channels are expected to lose market share over the next decade, we’re prepared to see a rise in the number of RIA firms. To learn how you might get in on the growth story, read this whitepaper.


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Charting Your Own Course: Discover Five Business Models For The Modern RIA

If you're interested in the freedom and control that comes with becoming an RIA, discover these 5 unique paths you can take to independence.

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Create Your Own Formula for the Modern Office

The ability to call your own shots is a powerful reason to start your own Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm. You can create and run a business with greater control and make decisions in the best interest of your clients. Today, a new breed of independent firm—the modern office—is on the rise. Find out how these firms are leveraging technology, reimagined workspaces, and more to serve clients better, anticipate their needs, save time, and hyper-personalize services. Discover how your firm can do the same.


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October 2023



Finding Your Way Home

When your core values no longer align with the culture of your firm, it can be easy to feel as if you no longer belong. If as a financial advisor you can’t offer the solutions that are best for your clients, you may start to feel disconnected from the people and community you serve. Learn the advantages available to you in the Schwab franchise model and how you can start Finding Your Way Home.

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Benefits Of Personalized Indexing: Improve After-tax Investment Outcomes For Your Clients

Personalized indexing with daily scanning for tax-loss harvesting opportunities could boost your clients’ after-tax returns. This white paper explains which of your clients are likely to benefit from personalized indexing and why. You’ll also find a decision tree to help you decide when to use personalized indexing versus ETFs and mutual funds, and how much of a given client’s portfolio to allocate to each strategy.

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Q3 2023 Commodities ETP Report

The Q3 2023 Commodities ETP Report is now available. Get a full breakdown of commodities funds tracking important commodities like gold, oil, gas, and lithium. Funds are organized by their commodities sector with AUM and expense ratio data.

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Creating A Goals-Based Income Plan For Retirement

A retirement income plan should begin with a discussion of goals: how much do I want to pass on to others and how much savings do I want to spend on my lifestyle in retirement? What lifestyle do I hope to have? How much investment risk am I willing to take and how flexible am I willing to be with my spending once I retire? Retirees today have the freedom to design a plan that fits their unique lifestyle goals. Let's build a plan that makes sure you get the most out of the money you've saved.

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Cyber Threats to Client Wealth & Well Being

Cybertheft is a $10.5 billion industry that has grown 600% during the pandemic. The question for advisors and their clients is not if they will be hacked but when. Here is an examination of the problem and what proactive steps you as an advisor can take.

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