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August 2020   


The Power of Disruption…and Sound Fundamentals

Understanding technological shifts and changes in consumer behavior is important when evaluating businesses, but we believe staying grounded in fundamental analysis is essential.

May 2020   

The right strategies to achieve synergies

Preparing for an acquisition
In this volatile financial market, it might be the right time to acquire another firm. However, before you begin searches, conference calls, due diligence, negotiations, spreadsheets, and contracts, there are some important factors to keep in mind as you prepare for this exciting and challenging journey. While the art and drama of making the acquisition will become fodder for cocktail war stories when the deal is done, the real work will begin with the integration of the now single business. Integration is the most critical part of an acquisition strategy, yet it is often short changed because so much energy is expended on the acquisition itself. This whitepaper will walk you through the areas to consider as you begin preparing and planning for an acquisition during this unsettled time period.


December 2019    

Advisory Firms in 2030: The Innovation Imperative
Insights into how our profession is — and isn’t — anticipating evolving client needs.

Financial planners who get ahead of “what’s next” will likely thrive. The rest may get left behind. Most financial planners are too caught up in the now to look ahead to tomorrow, much less five or ten years down the road. That’s what our online survey respondents told us. In fact, 55% said they don’t even have a business plan in place yet (though they’ve been meaning to do so).


October 2019

Coach Through Biases — Yours and Your Clients’

Coach Through Biases — Yours and Your Clients.  So you think you know "goals-based?" You might be a little biased. A true goals-based wealth management approach can help you recognize biases — both yours and your clients’ — and drive client outcomes. Keep your focus on the end game. Download Coach Through Biases — Yours and Your Clients' to learn how to reframe your client experience through ongoing engagement and conversations about risk — the risk of not meeting goals that is.