Street-Smart NetworkingStreet-Smart Networking
By Russ Alan Prince and Brett Van Bortel

“Cultivating centers of influence is the undisputed way to build a high-net-worth clientele, and street-smart networking is the undisputed most effective way to cultivate centers of influence.” - Richard J. Flnn, Principal at The Rothstein Kass Family Office Group

“The authors work with some of the wealthiest people in the world, which has given them the opportunity to observe and document habits that lead to success. Their insights on how to develop and leverage relationships is second to none, and the step-by-step approach described in this book will unlock a treasure trove of new business for those who have the good sense to implement it.” - Lewis Schiff, author of the highly acclaimed Business Brilliant and executive director, Inc. Business Owners Council.

“Street-smart networking is the combination of two powerful systems. Material from Prince and Van Bortel's previous work on centers of influence has been dramatically refined and enhanced with the wealth building strategies of self-made millionaires. Combined, they create a powerfully effective system for a professional to build substantial personal wealth by leveraging relationships with other professionals.”  - Frank Carone, partner, Abrams Fensterman


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