A Champ Gives Back

by Jesse Turley

Drew Brees' campaign to aid New Orleans illustrates the rewards to be gained through careful philanthropic planning.

Wills Torn Asunder

by Caren Chesler

Second marriages can quickly turn the execution of an estate plan into a bitter court battle.

Leveraging The Brand

by Bruce H. Rogers and Russ Alan Prince

What do you do when the public's trust in business is on the wane? You win it back.

Pennies Saved, Millions Earned


Heritage Auction helps clients realize the value of rare coins, comics and other valuable collectibles.

Flying Above The Storm

by Fred Reid

New innovations in fractional private jet ownership have helped companies survive in tough times.

Safeguarding Client Privacy

by Jim Campbell

These are some of the steps family offices can take  to secure their confidential client information.

Precious Allocations

by Michael S. Fischer

ETF Securities has rolled out an ETF platform that tracks gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

A Phantom Estate Tax

by Diana S.C. Zeydel

The disappearance of the estate tax this year is not necessarily a windfall for planners and their clients.

A Matter Of Trust

by Earl E. Watson III

Trusts stand a better chance of fulfilling their mission if they're put in the hands of a professional.

Beyond Prenups

by Earl E. Watson III and D. Sean McDade

When marriages end, sometimes it takes more than a prenuptial agreement to keep assets in the family. 

True Art Ownership

by Rebecca Korach Woan

Establishing the true ownership of an artwork can be a daunting task, but necessary to guard your client against financial and legal risks.

The Experimental Psychologist

by Russ Alan Prince and Hannah Shaw Grove

Money Rules

Running The City

by Russ Alan Prince

After The Facts

An Alternative World


Alternative Investments Are The Rage, But It's A Broad Space Requiring Lots Of Due Diligence.

Editor's Note

Brand On The Run

by Hannah Shaw Grove

Editor's Note


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