November 2010

Voice Of Reason

by Hannah Shaw Grove

Thomas Davidow counsels families about one of the biggest threats to their businesses: themselves.

The Rights Of Test Tube Heirs

by Caren Chesler

When it comes to dealing with the fruits of reproductive technologies, estate-planning law has not kept up with science.

The Huxtables? Or The Sopranos?

by James A. Grubman and Dennis T. Jaffe

Here's how to assess a family's "complexity factor" early in the recruitment process. 

Seeking Mr. Jeeves

by Kim Cassford

The screening of your clients' estate and household staff should be as thorough as an executive search.

Beyond Investment Risk

by Elaine Spang

Wealth managers need to develop security measures across all aspects of their office operations.

An All-In-One Alternative


Hatteras Funds offers advisors access to 140 hedge fund and private equity investment managers in a single mutual fund.

Avoiding Section 529 Plan Pitfalls

by Susan T. Bart

These popular college-savings accounts can get complicated when used as part of an overall estate plan.

IDGTs For The Soul

by Lisa S. Presser and Lance T. Eisenberg

Intentionally defective grantor trusts may soon replace GRATs as the "chicken soup" of estate tax planning.

Families, Wealth And Addiction

by William F. Messinger

Wealth, success and social rank offer no protection from the powerful grasp of alcohol and drug addiction.

An Investment For Life

by Michael Brier

For the ultrawealthy, the value of life insurance goes well beyond the death payout.

Getting Seriously Rich

by Russ Alan Prince and Hannah Shaw Grove

Money Rules

The Idiot Advisor

by Russ Alan Prince

After The Facts

Editor's Note

Knowing Is Not Enough

by Hannah Shaw Grove

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