The Danger Of Wealth

by Caren Chesler

The tough economy and social networking have given criminals greater incentive and means to target the ultra wealthy.

Hatching A Client Recruitment Plan

by Brett Van Bortel and Russ Alan Prince

Attorneys, accountants and other "Influencers" can be a powerful source of advisor business growth.

Maximum Impact Philanthropy

by Jan Alexander

Clients are getting more strategic about their giving-a trend that creates opportunities for advisors.

Now Playing: The Family Legacy


Bob Jordan helps wealthy families immortalize their histories-and values-through biographical movie productions.

Getting The Whole Picture

by Hugh Bagatelle

Family offices need a dependable account aggregation system that can collect a client's financial information from multiple sources.

The Heart Of The Matter

by Hannah Shaw Grove And Russ Alan Prince

Family offices strive to offer a wide variety of services, but their core activity remains investment management.

A Plan For All Markets

by Michael S. Fischer

IRON Financial tries to set up its risk-adjusted portfolios to benefit from the good times, and withstand the bad.

Are Hedge FoFs Worth It?

by Eric Uhlfelder

Funds of hedge funds appear to be a way to manage risk, but they got slammed harder than individual funds during the financial meltdown.

ETFs Offer Potential Advantages To Wealthy

by Joseph Becker

As ETFs have grown more sophisticated, they have become a more useful tool to high-net-worth investors.

Checking Under The Hood

by David W. Freeley and Melvin A. Warshaw

Trust-owned life insurance needs to be monitored just like an investment portfolio.

The Taxman Cometh

by Ronald Albahary

With higher taxes on the horizon, advisors need to weigh the potential impact on their clients' investment portfolios.

The Five Fingers

by Russ Alan Prince and Hannah Shaw Grove

Money Rules

Structuring Single-Family Offices

by Russ Alan Prince and Hannah Shaw Grove

Structuring a single-family office is really about understanding what the wealthy want and helping them refine their thinking on the matter.

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The Well-Rounded Rich

by Hannah Shaw Grove

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