Liz Capo McCormick

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Bonds Suddenly Look Like A Smart Hedge Again After 12% Loss

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The fixed-income vehicles still represent a hedge against a global economic slowdown.

Treasurys Hammered Ahead Of Jobs Report As Market Doubts Powell

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The yield on the 30-year bond rose 16 basis points to around 3.19%, its highest level since December 2018.

Bond Turmoil Threatens To Erupt Anew With Inflation Haunting Fed

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Some market watchers wonder just how long the Fed can stick to a moderate approach.

Bridgewater's Top Strategist Says Fed Has To Ramp Up Rate Hikes


Ten-year Treasury yields have room to run, she said, perhaps even to 4%.

Stagflation Risk Has Investors Sinking Billions Into Hedges

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Anxiety is building among money managers that stagflation, out-of-control inflation just as growth slumps, will eventually come to pass.

U.S. Two- And 10-Year Yields Invert, Flashing Recession Signal

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The last persistent inversion of the Treasury curve occurred in 2006-2007, though it briefly inverted in 2019.

A Powell-Backed Yield Curve Gives Fed Cover To Go Max Hawkish

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The Fed chair believes the central bank has plenty of room to aggressively jack up rates.

Hawkish Fed Signals Fail To Muffle Bond-Market Inflation Alarms

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The bond markets suggest inflation will be a lingering concern for the long term.

Bond Traders Stunned By Hawkish Fed Are Sounding Growth Alarm

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Bond traders are growing increasingly concerned that the economy could buckle under the weight of monetary-policy normalization.

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