Lisa Lee

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America’s Credit Whale Is Already Bailing Out Levered Companies

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The perception of Fed backing helps risky firms borrow anew and emboldens investors to make risky bets.

A Leveraged Loan Collapses And Reveals Key Risk In Credit Market

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Clover Technologies took loans to pay dividends to private investors.

CLO Managers Get Ready To Grab Worst Loans When Market Turns

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Leveraged loan buyers believe they stand to benefit from slowing growth and a potential recession.

Leveraged Loan Investors Worry Good Times Will Soon Haunt Them


Money managers have grown increasingly concerned about loans to high-yield corporations.

Fed Fires Warning Shot At Wall Street's Riskier Loan Deals

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A top Federal Reserve official fired a rare public warning.

Wall Street's Hot CLO Machine Freed From Post-Crisis Rules

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A court freed collateralized loan obligation managers of post-crisis financial regulations.

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