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China Doubts Long-Term Trade Deal Possible With Trump

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The Trump administration and its proxies suffer from a credibility deficit with Chinese negotiators.

White House Weighs Limits On U.S. Portfolio Flows Into China

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The Trump administration is considering limited investor access to one of the most lucrative markets in the world.

China, U.S. Struggle To Set Meeting As Tariffs Erode Trust

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The U.S. and China still seem a long way off from any potential agreement on tariffs and trade.

U.S. Delays China Tariffs On Some Holiday-Shopping Favorites

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The concession appears designed to avoid disruption or additional price increases for U.S. consumers.

Trump Still Has Plenty Of Ways To Escalate His China Trade War

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The president increasingly appears focused on weaponizing the dollar, the world’s reserve currency.

In Trump-Xi Fight, Both Leaders Make Big Bets That May Backfire

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Depending on the respective leaders' decisions, the trade war may be neither "good" nor "easy."

Trump's Bid To Dismantle Global Trading System Poised For A Win

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WTO members appear to be moving to a system to settle trade disputes outside of the organization's purview.

Pain From Trump's China Tariffs Spreads, Reshaping Global Trade


The impact of Trump's tariffs is altering supply chains around the world.

Jamie Dimon Draws A Bernie Sanders Taunt By Knocking Socialism

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Sanders shot back that the JPMorgan CEO didn't complain about socialism when he accepted a federal bailout.

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