Wise Investing Made SimplerWise Investing Made Simpler

Larry Swedroe’s Tales To Enrich Your Future
The 2nd Book In A Series

Since Larry Swedroe’s first Wise Investing book was published in 2007, investors have watched the world change dramatically. The 2008 financial crisis introduced investors to a mess of questionable investment products and dishonest financial institutions. Thanks to Wall Street and the financial media, investing appears neither simple, nor easy.

Fortunately, the Wise Investing Made Simple series focuses on simplifying prudent investing concepts. It’s a lifeline in a chaotic sea of noise and confusion.

The first book in this series entertained and educated investors by teaching them about the markets through storytelling. This second book furthers this aim by delving deeper into important investing principles without sacrificing simplicity, tackling issues such as retirement planning, long-term investing and owning property.

New and experienced investors alike will benefit from the wisdom and sense of calm that Larry Swedroe shares in these pages.

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