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Comeback Kids

by Marla Brill

REIT ETFs have staged a strong rebound after a nearly two-year drubbing of real estate stocks that drove prices down by as much as 60%.

Advisor Emporium

Advisor Emporium

Lessons From The Morningstar ETF Conference

If an investment expert says something important, funny or clever in a forum where no one reports it, does it make a sound?

Investors Flock To Emerging-Market ETFs

(Dow Jones) Investors are funneling cash into exchange-traded funds that track emerging markets, pushing these volatile holdings toward year-to-date highs.

Rethinking Dividends As Tax Increase Looms

by Dow Jones

(Dow Jones) As speculation mounts that U.S. lawmakers will let Bush-era tax cuts on dividends lapse, some wealth managers are considering revising clients' portfolios to minimize the tax hit.

Vanguard Ranks 1st With Advisors Among ETF Providers

Vanguard Group has displaced BlackRock Inc.'s iShares unit as the provider of ETFs with the most advisor loyalty as surveyed by Cogent Research.

Investors Eye Lithium

by Bruce W. Fraser

This ultra-light metal may help advance the electric car and energy storage industries. Here's how to invest.

New Commodity ETF Touts Academic Pedigree

A new commodity exchange-traded fund's complex mechanics and scanty track record means potential buyers will want to study it very carefully. 

Junk-Bond ETFs Boom As Investors Crave Income

Investors fed up with U.S. stocks' negative returns and paltry rates in today's fixed-income markets are piling into exchange-traded funds that invest in high-yield corporate bonds.

ETFs That Short Treasurys Suffer Big Losses

Betting against Treasury bonds was supposed to be the no-brainer strategy for 2010. Instead, shorting government debt has brought steep losses so far this year.

ETFs Shunned By Many 401(k) Plans

The investing world's current darlings, ETFs, get no love from 401(k) plans. Many advisors say the problem is simple: ETFs just aren't a good match for 401(k)s.

Lessons From The 'Flash Crash'

by Marla Brill

Were ETFs victims or culprits that day, when they were jolted more than other kinds of equities?

ETF As The 'TAO' Of Chinese Real Estate

One of top-performing exchange-traded funds so far in July tracks Chinese real estate companies.

Lithium ETF Launched

An ETF launched today that follows the performance of lithium producers and battery makers is part of a trend in which new ETFs are tracking more obscure parts of the financial markets.

iShares Gold Price Cut A Boon To Advisors

The chief beneficiary of investors' current interest in gold funds has been the $50.6 billion SPDR Gold Shares. Now BlackRock Inc. is making a serious bid to change that.

Navigating Socially Responsible ETFs

by Jerilyn Klein Bier

Learn what exchange traded funds can offer SRI investors-and a few caveats to watch out for, too.

Timing Is Everything

by C. Michael Carty and Julia M. Carty

Leveraged and inverse-leveraged ETPs can be good tactical tools, but can produce outsized losses as well.

Frontline News

Frontline News

The ETF Race Is On

There might soon be a day when at least half of the mutual-fund community converts its traditional funds into ETFs.

Grail Advisors, DoubleLine Capital Roll Out Active ETF


Grail Advisors, a developer of actively-managed ETFs aimed at the financial advisor market, has partnered with DoubleLine Capital LP to launch an emerging markets fixed-income ETF.