Fixed Income

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ETFs That Short Treasurys Suffer Big Losses

Betting against Treasury bonds was supposed to be the no-brainer strategy for 2010. Instead, shorting government debt has brought steep losses so far this year.

Searching For Progress

by James Picerno

Financial innovation is under fire. Failing to beat the market is only one reason.

The Domino Effect

by Burt White

Will the falling economies of Greece, Spain, Hungary and others be strong enough to lead to the toppling of the global economic recovery and emerging expansion?

Advisor Emporium

Advisor Emporium

A Contrarian Play On Inflation Fears

The economy is showing signs of sluggishness, interest rates are at a one-year low and the word "deflation" is being uttered with alarming frequency. Is it time to bet the other way?

Morningstar Conference Panel Discusses Retirement Issues

A financial advisor panel at the Morningstar Investment Conference this week noted many people are retiring with too little in savings considering the current investing environment.

Rising Rates Not Fatal

by Michelle Knight

Bond investments shouldn't automatically be sold off when interest rates rise. Here's why.

A Creditor's Feast

by Riva D. Atlas

Investors who snatched up distressed debt made big money in 2009. Some opportunities remain.

Advisor Emporium

Advisor Emporium

Bogle, Davis Duel On Debt

Jack Bogle and Chris Davis agree on many things, but they are at opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to investing.

Debt Crisis Highlights Bond Index Quirk

The debt crisis in Europe has highlighted one often-overlooked aspect of bond indexes: The more debt a company or a country issues, the bigger the role it typically plays in the benchmark.

Time For Dividend-Paying Stocks

by Michael M. Golub

The elements are in place for a period of substantially rising interest rates, and current bond holders are going to see their portfolios struggle to even keep up with inflation...

Sizing Up Annuities

by Alan Lavine

Payouts are appealing, but do your homework.

A Good Complement

by Marla Brill

More advisors think both bond mutual funds and ETFs belong in client portfolios.

Managing Retirement Income: Part III

by Jack Gardner

An investment in stocks of companies that provide both high- and growing-dividend income can benefit a retirement portfolio undergoing the duress of withdrawals.

'Build America Bonds' A Big Win For Wall Street

Wall Street firms have received fees exceeding $1 billion in less than a year selling "Build America Bonds" meant to spur jobs in struggling cities.

The Dollar Thrives As The Un-Euro


Since this decade has commenced a few short months ago, the U.S. dollar has defied conventional wisdom and appreciated fairly dramatically...

Bond ETFs Have Hidden Risks

Investors seeking safety have been pouring cash into bond funds-but, when it comes to exchange-traded funds, they run the risk of limiting their gains or magnifying their losses.

The Age Of Living Lean


Loomis Sayles' Dan Fuss sees a soft recovery in which quality businesses gain at the expense of the rest.

Frustrated Investors Move From Big Banks

Investors-many with the blessings of their financial advisors-have shifted their assets from the Wall Street financial institutions to the little guys on Main Street.

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