A new ranking shows a wide range of performance in the nation's public retirement plans.

To determine which public retirement plans are standout performers at achieving that benchmark among a crowded field of pension, defined contribution, guaranteed return and hybrid plans, the Equable Institute assessed the quality of benefits being offered to U.S. public sector workers.

The institute ranked 335 public retirement plans nationwide across 11 metrics. The Long Island City, N.Y.-based nonprofit organization looked at the adequacy of retirement income, eligibility requirements, inflation-adjusted income, rules related to refunding member contributions, and interest credits provided for member contributions being withdrawn.

Here, in ascending order, are the plans deemed the best by the Equable Institute:

10. Washington LEOFF Plan 2

The Washington LEOFF Plan 2 is a traditional pension plan that covers state police and firefighters hired on or after October 1, 1977. Members contribute 8.5% of payroll to their retirement plan, which reportedly paid 9% in fees on its total 2019 investment earnings of $1.07 billion.