Sun Belt states like Florida have for decades been the preferred retirement destinations for many seniors, but high living expenses in recent years are forcing many retirees to look elsewhere.

An analysis by Seniorly, a San Francisco-based online marketplace for families looking for senior living solutions, placed the Sunshine State as No. 15 on its list of worst places to retire on a budget. The analysis shows that while Florida leads in growth in median home value, median monthly rent in the state ties New York for fifth at $2,500.

Seniorly analyzed recent data across 10 metrics in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. about areas such as inflation, taxes, cost of everyday items, housing, Medicare and Social Security payments. 

Seniorly tapped into data from the U.S. Census Bureau, Bureau of Economic Analysis, Social Security Administration, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid and Medicaid Services, Energy Information Administration, American Automobile Association, U.S. Senate, Zillow and Kiplinger.

Here is Seniorly’s list of the 10 best states to retire for those on a budget: 

10. Utah

Utah has the second-highest homeownership rate for seniors 65 and older. It, however, has a high rental expense, ranking No. 31 with a median cost of $1,838. But other expenses are some of the lowest compared to other states.

Median rent: $1,838 (No. 31)
Annual growth in median home value: 18.4% (No.6)
Average grocery bill: $279 per month (No. 15)
Average electric bill: $85 per month (No.1)
Average gas prices: $2.82 per gallon (No. 10)
Average Social Security payment: $599 per month (No. 32)
Medicare hospital spending per beneficiary, relative to the national average: 0.93 (No. 9)