In our business, things can slow down in the summer months. Summertime marketing is all about keeping prospects and clients engaged, and you can take advantage of the season if you know how. 

Below are three ways to connect with clients this summer:

Send Your Clients On Vacation
We know that memorable experiences, like family vacations, are high points in people’s lives. Unfortunately, advisors talk so much about saving and investing that clients may actually feel too guilty to fully enjoy vacations! The bottom line is people may need a push to unplug.

As an advisor, what if you took a stance that you wanted every client to “invest” in vacation time this summer? Here’s an idea for an e-mail campaign:

Dear Martha:

Together, we make sure your money is working hard for you, and it’s nice to see how saving and investing is paying off. Now that summer is here, you and your money deserve a vacation, and we’re encouraging you to invest in and rebalance yourself, not just your portfolio!

You can have fun with this -- offer a link with your office picks for 10 best vacation ideas, or hidden gems for day trips in your area. Post your own photos and encourage clients to add theirs to your Facebook page. Clients and prospects will appreciate seeing this side of you and it will make for great conversations in your next meetings.

Get Your Swagger (And Swag) On
A lot of firms send holiday gifts, such as calendars or clocks. If I were you, I’d want to surprise people when they aren’t expecting it, and bring a smile to their face. Good swag (branded merchandise) can do the trick. Here are some ideas:

The awesome T-shirt: Have you noticed that fewer nice T-shirts are being handed out today at conferences and events? No one wants that poly-cotton, cheap shirt with 17 logos on it. However, a super comfy, 100 percent cotton or dri-fit shirt with your logo tastefully printed on the left breast, with a simple statement on the back, can be a winner. Try a memorable line like, “We’ve got your back,” a short quote or even a graphic.

Beer/soda koozies: Years ago, I had a bunch of these made with my company’s logo and the words “liquid assets” in block letters. Better than water bottles because these koozies last forever and are used in social settings, not just at the gym.

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