Name: Bradley DeLoatche
Title: Chief Technology Officer
Company: Snappy Kraken

One of the company’s three founders, Bradley DeLoatche is chief technology officer of Snappy Kraken, a fintech company focused on automating marketing processes for advisors.

What does your firm do/offer within the fintech sector?
Snappy Kraken enables financial advisors to make meaningful connections that drive business. Our company offers an automated marketing platform defined by purpose-driven content, easy automation, and ongoing support.

We have a philosophy of perpetual improvement and innovation.

In fact, we pull performance metrics from launched campaigns and publish them in a benchmarking study that lays out what works best in digital marketing for financial advisors.

Not only is this our way of being transparent, but it does two other things: One, it shows advisors what is possible if they work the process, and, two, it allows us to make research-based decisions when it comes to producing automated marketing campaigns for every stage of the client journey.

This approach is key to avoiding canned, bland and random acts of marketing.

What has been the biggest success in your firm to date?
Well, we’ve grown at a fast pace, and we’re proud of being a marketing technology company in the financial services industry that is public about results and stands behind them.

We've won quite a few awards and we're proud of those achievements, but they are actually byproducts of deeper successes. We believe that amazing products, valuable services and ecstatic customers stem from the same place: A fulfilled, purpose-driven, tight-knit team.

Every time I see our team collaborate, push through difficulties, and do work of which they're proud, I count that as a huge success.

How do you feel consumersand businesses are adapting to the facet of fintech that your company operates within?
The past quarter has created an inflection point for advisors. We're in the marketing space--digital marketing to be exact. Some advisors have been involuntarily forced to adapt to investing more in marketing. Other advisors are absolutely flocking to it. They may have participated a little bit from the sidelines in the past, but now they know how important it is for business growth and retention and they're getting serious about it.

Conversely, today's investor wants to hear more from their financial advisor. They want that communication on their terms – through more channels, in easier-to-understand formats, and they want it to be relevant to them. We view our work as vital to advisors’ business, and we're here to help them succeed.