3. What has been the biggest success in your firm to date?

In terms of eVALUEator, from Timothy Plan’s perspective, it would be the movement from a software-based screening tool that became obsolete and outdated within weeks or months, to a web-based, real-time company that now allows us and other subscribers access to data that is consistently up to date. This essentially moved eVALUEator from a successful concept to a successful product that we as the end-user can rely upon to be accurate, updated and vast. This took place over the course of 15 years, spanning from the origins of eVALUEator in the early 1990s to 2009. It’s interesting to note that once this took place, subscribers rose quickly, and the concept of an online screening tool moved from concept to reality. In a way, it mirrors the movement of the music industry in the transition from CD-based access to online streaming.

Brian Mumbert is vice president of advisor relations at Timothy Plan. In his 13 years with the company he has gone from serving as an internal wholesaler to managing the wholesaling team that talks with advisors to educate them on the values of biblically responsible investing. He also helps with the day-to-day operations in Timothy Plan's  home office.


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