The Need For A Campaign

An advisor who wants to become a thought leader to these clients requires a campaign. The wealthy do switch advisors, and when they do, they seek recommendations for the new ones. Campaigns let those clients and their other professionals know who is available. If a client or another professional can do some online research and run into your content, that strongly improves your chances.

But by approaching content marketing as an ongoing endeavor (a campaign) you will in time become recognized as just such a thought leader in a particular area of expertise. This will take time. But when a content marketing campaign is done well, professionals benefit greatly by generating considerable additional business with existing clients and helping to create a steady stream of new ultra-wealthy clients. So this type of marketing should be integral to the business development efforts of many—if not all—professionals who want to build substantial practices with wealthy clients.

Russ Alan Prince is president of R.A. Prince & Associates.

Brett Van Bortel is director of consulting services for Invesco Consulting.

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