She likes the transparency of the reporting that Wetherby provides and how Wetherby helps her review personal goals each year. She is also pleased that Wetherby fosters long-term relationships within her firm. “They’re all part of my team,” says Kaplan.

Wetherby’s perspective may have been shaped by her position as the fourth of five children in a close-knit family. She is also the mother of three young adults and a grandmother of three.

Of course, even a successful wealth manager needs breaks. One of Wetherby’s favorite hobbies is to throw pottery on a wheel, a skill she learned in 1980. She belongs to a pottery co-op where she shares a kiln and glazes with other members.

“It’s an alternative to the intensity of the markets,” she says. “It’s totally a creative, meditative thing for me.”

At 56, Wetherby is at an age when many advisors are just starting to think about how their firms will transition to the next generation.  But she and her firm already have a succession plan in place. “Most importantly, we also have several talented people on the team who could step into my responsibilities,” she says. But at this point, she still loves what she does. 

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