Shows Competing CD Rates
Financial advisors can view competing CD rate offers from numerous banks in real time through, a Web site where banks compete to offer advisors and their clients the highest rates.

The Web site is a live auction format where member banks can compete against each other to offer rates for CDs of different durations, which enables financial planners and money managers to select the best rates available. It can be used by financial planners, businesses, not-for-profits and credit unions.

Financial advisors are able to watch in real time' as banks make the offers for CD rates with the results shown instantly.

Advisors can perform automated CD laddering, across multiple durations in a single session, displaying the round-by-round bids until the highest rates in each of the durations are offered. Advisors also can view simultaneous auctions of multiple CD amounts and can split deposits across many banks.

Features are being added to the technology to enable bond-like laddering to show dollar-weighted average maturity duration and dollar-weighted average ratings of the banks to reduce volatility and smooth out any major changes due to short-term Federal Reserve policy changes. 

More than 100 banks across the country that are FDIC insured are part of

Bonefish Offers Boutique Management Strategies
Bonefish Advisor Strategies LLC, a Charlotte, N.C.-based firm, is specializing in bringing boutique asset management strategies and unique, noninvestment services to the RIA market. The company's target audience is firms that have an alternative focus, noncorrelated strategy or that offer unique, value-driven products or services.

Bonefish can help boutique firms that want to increase revenue by offering services to financial advisors. Additional information can be obtained by e-mailing Bone¬≠fish founder Shawn Paulk at [email protected].

iPhone Offers Mobile Financial Access
eMoney Advisor, a provider of wealth and goal-planning services for financial advisors, is launching eMoney Mobile for iPhone. The new application gives licensed advisors and their clients access to eMoney's software suite through their iPhone or iPod Touch.

eMoney Mobile provides access to updated financial accounts, allows viewing of encrypted documents and enables clients to collaborate with advisors. Advisors can access their client lists and find updated financial information on any client.

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