A financial advisor who has been a leader in socially responsible investing will address delegates from around the world at a summit to address poverty.

John Harrington, president and CEO of Harrington Investments Inc., will participate in the Opportunity Collaboration summit October 17-20 in Ixtapa, Mexico. The summit is aimed at creating new strategies to fight poverty. Harrington will speak about investment vehicles for individual and institutional investors that can provide competitive returns, while also maximizing social, economic and employment goals in developed and developing countries.

"I'm excited to be working with like-minded professionals who recognize the importance of targeting investments to create quality employment, community wealth and social justice," Harrington said. "Our current economy has institutionalized the inequality of wealth and income by rewarding incompetent corporate management, while draining the local economy of capital. It's time to reverse this trend and reward community economic cooperation and sustainability."

Harrington Investments Inc. is a Napa, Calif.-based registered investment advisory firm that has been involved in SRI for more than 25 years. Harrington is the author of Investing With Your Conscience and The Challenge to Power: Money, Investing and Democracy.