Platform selection:  There were several systems out there we looked at:  One had several audio issues when tested so we eliminated them. Another has long been a gold standard we have used for many years but, we felt, did not carry the same ‘intimate feel’ that Zoom does. Ultimately, we feel like we took a bet on Zoom because we had never tested it with large groups of 500+ or more.

Platform stability: We knew systems were secure and messaging would be travelling through the firewall left and right, but the speed and volume could stress any system. For each registration promo we ran, we knew our speakers were running promos as well to spread the word. That causes exponential exposure but can create shakiness in systems if not well planned.

Bandwidth: This may sound redundant to the last point, but we literally mean the day-of bandwidth. With so many working from home, internet speeds can be strained. Now, we were going to have thousands connecting for 10 hours, into a single Zoom webinar.

We rehearsed, set up redundant technology in advance to roll over if needed, and set up communication channels outside of the room for updates and emergencies. We were in parallel on a YouTube stream in case users had lost Zoom access when underway.

We also asked everyone to send us “good virtual meeting” vibes so it would come off with minimal issues! And then, we also prayed a bit.

Hortz: Any last thoughts about what you learned through this event and wanted to share with financial professionals?

Desmarais: The response we received to our event reinforced that the financial services industry is at a unique inflection point. We were overwhelmed with over 6,000 registrations. We were amazed how many attended live and stayed through the full event. Feedback was unreal it was so good.

All of these are indicators that financial professionals recognize the need to adjust on how they conduct business with their clients and that they are really uncertain how to do it well. Based on the feedback, it is not just a passing lock-down fad.

We also learned that we all need to be as open to opportunities, embracing all the expertise there is out there in the industry, and start implementing the latest technologies and solutions as we transition from physical to a virtual advisory role.

We are committed to working with advisors by compiling the best Financial Advisor marketing strategies and best range of marketing expertise available to inform you of the creative options that are available. I would also like to invite you to our free weekly advisor classes every Wednesday, which we call our Virtual Advisor Power Hour, taught by experts on successful front-line marketing experiments working in today’s pandemic environment.